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Welcome to this website. Here you can find out more about me and the type of holistic energy healing services that I do .


If mother earth is well, and we are in right relation with her, then we are all well.

My vision is for everyone to heal from their traumas, large and small, and to come into their full selves so as to live in right relationship with Mother Earth and with each other. I envision individuals and communities who care for themselves and one another and recognize the value of all things: humans, trees, water, ancestors and knowledge.

I believe we are all healers in many different ways. My work is to support people on their journey of coming into their full selves. I do this by bringing people into contact with ancient tools and teachings and knowledge keepers, in doing so creating more instruments for healing: to heal our own consciousness, bodies, communities and the world around us. This work is for anyone. 

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I work with a combination of ancient, traditional healing approaches from multiple lineages–both those of my own culture and those of Indigenous knowledges–as well as adaptations of these diverse healing traditions, that have been taught to me by traditional knowledge holders.

I work with individuals for their own personal transformation, I create platforms for other healers and knowledge holders to share their own teachings and practices, and I bring together collectives of people to build communities of healing. 


I do this work because I believe in each person’s potential for transformation and fulfillment.  Over more than ten years I have seen many individuals and groups experience these outcomes that I strive for:  

    • the empowerment of all people
    • helping people to connect with one’s inner home 
    • finding wellness in pregnancy, menopause, women’s cyclical, sexual health
    • healing past traumas, big and small and navigating life storms
    • finding the inner peace that comes from this work
    • calming, renewal, regeneration
    • improving gut health
    • connecting back to water and mother earth
    • developing respect for Indigenous knowledge systems, cultures, and identities
    • learning to value Elder Knowledge, Ancient practices and traditions
    • connecting to our own ancestral, pre-colonial and decolonized selves, wisdom, intuition
    • encountering and cultivating greater internal resilience 
    • building communities of support for those doing the work
    • finding the strength to return to the world, healed, and finally,
  • accepting our own ability to be agents of transformative change!


This work is for anyone who is interested in enriching their healing potential, in seeking alignment with the sacred elements, and in becoming more of a caring person. This means caring for yourself, for your family, society, and mother earth. 

This work is for anyone who is interested in accessing the tools for this work and in finding community to share this work with, as well as the willpower to overcome the obstacles that appear on the path. 

This work is for anyone.
Men and women and non-gender conforming people, grandmothers, granddaughters, those drawn to the Divine Feminine, babies, healers, those who are hurt, those who are healing, rocks, fruits and flowers. 

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