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Welcome to this website. Here you can find out more about Elin Gwyn and the type of holistic energy healing services she provides and teaching she does, and also why she calls her holistic energy healing business “Nematona Healing Connections”.

For over 11 years Elin has been studying holistic energy practices, teaching, gaining experience in helping others and achieving her own health.  She has a holistic energy healing practice to help others work towards meeting their energetic healing goals.

Elin has called her business Nematona Healing Connections. Nematona is the name of the Celtic goddess of the Sacred Grove – a sacred grove can be a real space in and among trees, flowers, rocks, grasses, where you will experience a sense of calm, of harmony, of beauty, of deeper understanding of yourself,  and of healing.  A sacred grove could also be a spiritual, energetic place – a place that you create or find to assist in calming, creating harmony and beauty, and to create a sacred space for healing. A sacred grove consists of all elements: water, wind, earth and fire and connects nature, mother earth and the cosmos. This name “Nematona”  encompasses and represents the potential healing energy that Elin connects with in her holistic energy healing practices and teachings.   It is in this calm, beautiful place where, through holistic energy healing services, clients will connect to this wider universe and reach greater sense of harmony and of healing.

Elin provides different healing services and workshops

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If learning more about holistic energy healing is a goal there are many different paths to follow.  You maybe interested in these practices due to a physical or emotional illness that you are dealing with. Maybe you feel that you are more sensitive than others around you,  you have health issues that need additional supports,  or that you are more intuitive than others and you would like to know more about this. You may also want additional support in your quest for on path that is leading you to questions such as:

  • What else is available for physical and/or emotional health?
  • Where can I find out more?

Elin would be happy to meet with you in person or via the internet (i.e. Skype) to provide some answers to your questions.

Other healers whom she has found helpful on her healing journey and as a holistic energy practitioner are listed below.

With deep gratitude for all of her trusted teachers and healers, here are links to their work that has guided Elin along her healing path and may provide insights  to you as well.

With deep gratitude to all her teachers.

Business card - Nematona (3)



Elin is deeply grateful to all  her teachers, healers, and  many others who have guided and assisted her along this path.