Nematona Images

One of the best ways I have found to start living in the moment is by using the camera on your cell phone.  Most of us these days have a camera via our cell phone carried with us in our pocket or handbag.  Setting yourself a task of every day taking a least one photo that makes your smile or see the beauty around you will help you to stop for a moment or two and feel better.  And that image will be on your phone camera all day long so you can peak at it and smile and see the beauty again.

For me I call these images” the Nematona Images” – the images of the sacred grove ( This can include things in nature that help you stay grounded and connected, to see the beauty around you, and to link with nature wherever you are ).    Here are a sampling of photos that have helped me see the beauty around me, that helps me to slow down,  smile and enjoy life more deeply. I am not a professional photography and  so taking photos is purely for fun and seeing the gifts of nature surrounding me.

These photos all have aspect of water and plants, and if I can capture the beauty of the Great Blue Huron calmly seeking fish for supper. Plants, water and birds are often what my eye is attracted to. I hope this will inspire you to see what beauty around you your eye is attracted to.



I have been many things including a connector of people to knowledge (at research and government institutions) and a mother of three now grown children. And in additions to these, and after many years of training and preparation I am also a holistic energy practitioner where I provide support to others for their healing processes and journeys and to assist in the caring of the natural world.

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