The Four Agreements and Insights from the Time Super Moon

Last November 14 was the super full moon that was 14% larger than normal and the closest it has been to Earth since 1948.  Do you remember this moon?  Do you pay attention to the moon and her cycle?  Every full and new moons can be special. Last November’s moon was one full of lots of opportunities to be seized.

Three important things in my personal journey happened during last November’s full moon that helped weave many threads together: 1) talking to my friend J, about energy healing  techniques and the opportunities held within them for healing;  2) reading The Four Agreements (A Toltec Wisdom Book) that my friend P. gave me; and  3) remembering how my  friend R,  almost four years ago, introduced me to the amazing ancient healing wisdom of the Toltecs and the Aztecs through the teachings of Sergio Magana.

Lucid dreaming can be a tool for transformation in your life.  And since we sleep for one-third of our lives, why not use this time to create a happier, healthier and more abundant life.

I had seen The Four Agreements Book (by Don Miguel Ruiz) on friends’ book shelves, in bookstores and I knew it was about the Toltec wisdom but until my friend P handed it to me last November I had not read it.  It was the book that I needed to read.  Amazing how that often happens: what you need arrives when you need it.  The book provides suggestions (The Agreements), based on the understanding of ancient Toltec spiritual wisdom, on how to live your life in a better way by following these simple but powerful statements:

  • be impeccable with your words [and thoughts] (note: I add thoughts because sometimes I don’t say things but I sure do think them),
  • don’t take anything personally
  • don’t make assumptions, and
  • be the best that you can be.

I must admit that I did not read every word or every page since I’ve been studying Toltec spirituality since 2013.   I focused on the chapters about the Agreements and found them very appealing and what I need now to focus on in my day-to-day.

Just looking at these on this page, can you tell which of the Agreements are the difficult ones for you?  I already indicated how the first one is difficult for me. But now I have started noticing which situations am I in that I start down the “less than impeccable-thought” path and try to stop myself. I have recently learned that the more anger and frustration I am feeling the harder it is for me to keep the goal of being impeccable in my thoughts and my words.   The Ancient Toltec understanding is that it is your liver that holds all the anger and frustration that you have felt in your life. (Yikes… let’s let all that go and not put anymore into the liver).  Letting go of the anger and frustration will help me meet this Agreement and be healthier for me.

However, some bad habits take longer to break. The hardest one for me is a lifetime one:  don’t take anything personally.   I  have taken  a lot of what others say to me very personally and I have cared deeply about how others see me, what they think of me, and what they think of what I am doing in my life.  I have given away a lot of myself and wasted a lot of energy “taking things personally”.  I have limited my expression of myself because of what others may think, because I wanted to fit in or for other reasons, and wondering how they might criticize me. One of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself is the freedom not to take other people’s comments or opinions personally and realizing what they say is about them and how they choose to be in the world. I am learning this.

About the time I started reading the Four Agreements book I realized that my work in healing myself and others has brought this issue to the top of the pile to be dealt with, to be healed.

Last November 14th  the day of the biggest full moon since 1948 was the day I received in the mail Sergio Magana’s new book, the Caves of Power, Ancient Energy Techniques for Healing, Rejuvenation and Manifestation.   That day was the test day for me of how be comfortable with not taking things personally, not caring what others think about things I do, say, practice, believe, experience in regards to  the holistic energy healing practices.

What has a new book by an important teacher have to do with not taking things personally you may ask?  Well, when Sergio was writing his new book he asked some people for testimonials. I gave him one. A big step for me.  I submitted my testimonial to be included in Sergio’s book because it truly happened the way it is described and I want others to know about the opportunities, the power for transformation through using the Ancient Mexican healing traditions. My testimonial is based on the incredible impact of using a particular technique that I had practiced has had on my life.  But now with the book published and being circulated, it was no longer possible for me to stay hidden in my energy healer shell. It was time to come fully out from under my shell.  My name is printed, in full, in the book with my personal testimonial.

For me with the arrival of the book meant: “oh gosh, my name is in print in a spiritual healing book so I guess that means I am fully out of the “energy healer” closet now.  What will people think?  What will people say?   I have a Master’s of Science and I work in a research area. Oh no.  What will people think? What will they say? Will they say there is no scientific evidence for this?”

But then I remembered the Agreement – Don’t take anything personally.  What they say is about them and not about me. Simple but true. People can think what they think and say what criticisms they say and if they say them to me then I have empowered myself to not take what they say personally.

And I remind myself that these techniques are so full of possibilities for greater healing, happiness and abundance.  My friend J reminds me I have knowledge and skills to share with others who are interested in learning these techniques. And I know these techniques are so full of possibilities for greater healing, happiness and abundance.

I hope my scientific, medical and research friends and colleagues follow their natural curious and questioning approaches to consider the possibilities of these ancient wisdoms. We need to consider all ways of thinking and problem solving as we move forward on this beautiful planet.

So consider the Four Agreements and how they could bring positive change to your life. And recognize that the moon may be having a greater influence in your life than you might have thought.

(I am writing this blog influenced by the inspiration of three friends, R, J and P. Thank you for your teachings and all that I learn together).

Images:  The Moon Temple in Teotihuacan and November 2016’s super moon.



I have been many things including a connector of people to knowledge (at research and government institutions) and a mother of three now grown children. And in additions to these, and after many years of training and preparation I am also a holistic energy practitioner where I provide support to others for their healing processes and journeys and to assist in the caring of the natural world.

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