Happy Spring – Healing and Connections with the Elements

Working with a holistic energy healer during healing sessions is one approach to helping you heal yourself to be the best you can be. There are many techniques you can do on your own (including these key things: sleeping enough, eating well, exercising, reducing stimulants, etc.) to support that healing path.

Another tool that you can include in your self-healing tool box is connecting with the four elements:  water, wind, fire and earth. This has long been a key part of indigenous healing approaches and rituals.  Working with the elements are also important steps that can be undertaken easily every day. For example, be intentional when you drink a glass of water. Or go for a walk near a river or lake to connect with the water that refreshes us and helps grow our food (March 22 is World Water Day http://www.worldwaterday.org/).

Enjoying a warm and inviting campfire is a common link for all of us.  Since we can’t do that every day consider lighting a candle in a reflective way with a positive thought for the day.  This will help you to connect with the fire element. Deep slow breaths can help to calm you while linking you to the wind element especially when you find yourself getting tense. Even a short walk outside is a good thing to do for a break, walking and breathing in slowly as Zen master Thick Nhat Hanh reminds us in his book Peace in Every Step.,

Noticing your connections with the earth is another key healing step.  Here is one way to connect with the earth element. Take a moment to consciously connect your feet to the ground and take a deep breath. If you know mountain pose from yoga this would be a good time to do it.  While taking that deep breath in remind yourself that you are connected to the earth and feel that connection through your feet to the ground. One of my Ancient Mexican Healing technique teachers, Hugo Nahui, recently taught us to connect to Mother Earth and to the cosmos by simply standing still, feeling the ground through our feet, and looking up at the sky saying our birth name, and place and date of birth.  This small practice seems very basic but I have used this a number of times with clients and groups and all have found it calming and restorative.  Give it a try and let me know what you find.

Spring time in Ontario is around the corner (despite the snow that is falling as I write this).  It is an important time to remember the four elements and connect with awareness to them all. Especially with earth as the ground starts to unfreeze and you can feel the soil again. If you don’t have access to a garden buy a few flowers to brighten up your space or some potted fragrant herbs to cook with.  If you do have access to a garden it is time to start planting seeds indoors and planning your garden. Even this process of connecting your hands with soil has a calming and healing effect.

Spring equinox will be on March 20th around 6:30 am.  It is a time to welcome in spring, longer days with sunlight and warmer weather (hopefully). Remember to enjoy all the elements as a part of your everyday activities.  Happy Spring!

Let me know if you would like to know more about any of the above:  elin.gwyn@gmail.com. 🙂


Author: elin.gwyn@gmail.com

I have been many things including a connector of people to knowledge (at research and government institutions) and a mother of three now grown children. And in additions to these, and after many years of training and preparation I am also a holistic energy practitioner where I provide support to others for their healing processes and journeys and to assist in the caring of the natural world.

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