Summer Solstice

butterfly in garden
On June 21, at 11:54 am (in Toronto in the Northern Hemisphere) we will welcome in summer. The moment of the summer solstice is a time when we can absorb the all the goodness of the sun’s energy.  It is important and sustaining to take a moment to feel this energy and imagine this beautiful healing energy coming into the top of your heat and flowing through your body and out your feet.  You may want to even imagine it as if it were steps of beautiful sunlight energy flowing into and around your body. If you have any specific injury in your body invite the solstice sun fire healing energy into that specific place for healing.
Before you begin this practice you may want to take a moment to get grounded connecting your feet to the earth and take a few cleansing breathes ( or do what works best for you… i.e., if you smudge this could be a good time to do it).
When you have completed this practice. Remember to thank the sun for these gifts and all the gifts from Mother Earth that we receive.
At the time of the summer solstice you may want to also take a few moments to reflect about what do you want to have more of in your life (security? love? kindness? health?  abundance? love? money? gratitude? generosity? confidence? etc. ) and invite what you wish for into your life.
And as a final step for embracing this summer energy and  if it feels right to you consider making some offering to a body of water. The offering could be words, prayers, a song a flower, a pebble, anything that is safe to go into the water and that you have put your intention of what you would like to have more of in your life for the next year.
Take moment to note if your receive any “gifts”  in return for this practice.
I am so grateful for these practices that have been shared with me my teachers: Mariabruna, Alma, Alison and Xolotl.


I have been many things including a connector of people to knowledge (at research and government institutions) and a mother of three now grown children. And in additions to these, and after many years of training and preparation I am also a holistic energy practitioner where I provide support to others for their healing processes and journeys and to assist in the caring of the natural world.

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