About Elin

Among many things Elin is also a holistic energy practitioner.  She works with clients to  support their physical and mental well-being through the use of holistic energy techniques.  The desire to do this comes from  Elin’s experience in achieving her own health (after years of allergies, hypothyroid and digestion issues) and her hope to support healing of others.  Elin believes that by helping people be the best they can be also helps the community where they live and collectively helps our planet.IMG_0738

In her holistic energy healing sessions she incorporates intuition techniques, Ancient Mexican healing practices (including lucid dreaming approaches), shamanic spiritual techniques, and connecting with the elements.  Elin also uses Aztec Calendar Birthcharts as a tool to understand clients’s challenges and talents.

Elin is based in Guelph and Meaford, Ontario and has traveled to Mexico, Belize, England and Newfoundland to further develop her skills.

Elin has achieved her Reiki Master’s Level  and Level 3 Therapeutic Touch® certification. She is also an experienced trainer and give workshops on healing methods. Elin is also trained SoulCollage® Facilitator.

She started practicing Reiki over 13 years ago and since then she has explored many different holistic healing practice traditions including Celtic, Inca, Mayan, and now most recently, Ancient Mexican.  Elin’s focus is on providing healing for others, for communities and for the IMG_0811 (3)environment. Her goal is to offer healing services and workshops to help others achieve their goals through energetic healing. This journey includes providing holistic healing practices using these techniques:

  • Coaching and training
  • Intuitive card facilitation
  • Meso-American healing practices including using nature, lucid dreaming and more
  • Reiki, Level 2
  • Shamanic techniques,
  • Channeling/reading
  • Therapeutic Touch (R). Level

Elin balances her holistic energy healing with her career as a knowledge broker (aka, getting useful research into use), evaluator and strategic planner. In these roles Elin connects people in agriculture and rural communities with resources and processes they can use to enhance their lives.  She has a Master’s of Science Rural Planning and Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture. Elin loves being out in her garden, walks in the woods and spending time with her family.

If you would like to know more about her holistic energy practices  visit this page. And if you would like to receive healing  click here to book an appointment.


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