It is Time for Renewal

Today I asked  my Mexihca spiritual teacher and friend Alma if there is a spiritual practice that we can do at this time of Covid19 to help everyone and she responded with this message (which with googles help is translated into English as):

On this 6 day of Cipatli, on the 20-day month of called the Change of the People (Tlacaxipehualiztli in Nahuatl), in the Sun Stone year of 8 Flint Knife:

We must project our renewal in this 20 day month [which started Tuesday at 18:43 in Mexico] to strengthen our systems and vibrate with this universal harmony embodied in our solar stone (Aztec Calendar).  Today (on the equihelion) on April 2 and 3 we launch our thought-word for our beginning and renewal of our being and focus with the essence of  Xipe Totec ( the energy essence of renewal in the Sacred West direction).

What I understand this to mean is:

It is time to ask for renewal. This time in the calendar is a powerful and special time to strengthen our bodies, our vibrations and our energy systems through renewal. Ask for renewal for yourself, your family, friends, communities, provinces, countries.

Do renewal practices.

Here are the words that Alma sent me in Spanish- Hay que proyectar nuestra renovación en esta veintena para fortalecer nuestros sistemas y vibrar con esta armonía universal plasmada en nuestra piedra solar. Hoy (en el equihelio) el 2 y 3 de abril lancemos nuestro pensamiento-palabra para nuestro inicio y renovación de nuestro ser y centrarnos con la esencia de xipe totec.

She began this practice with these words in nahuatl:

iltze tlatlatzincah. Axcan oc ticateh in chicoacen cipactli in tocempohualcaltzinco Tlacaxipehualiztli ye onhuitz chicome yehyecatl .

I had to look up what Equihelion meant and I found this source: // .
equilhelion: from which I quote:

“A cycle specific to human beings is Tonalpohualli, the cycle of human life.
This cycle centers around one quantity—260 days. There are two other numbers integral to this count—13 and 20. Thirteen has two functions, one as 13 x 20 = 260, and 260 + 13 = 273.

To understand their role we need to identify and track the 8 points of vital importance to life on Earth: two equinoxes, two solstices, the point at which the Earth is farthest from the Sun (aphelion), the point at which she is closest to the Sun (aphelion), and the two points at which they are equidistant from Tonatiuh (equihelion).

The aphelion happens 13 days after the summer solstice, the perihelion 13 days after the winter solstice, and both equihelions happen 13 days after each equinox.”


During this time (Covid19)… what can you do to fortify your body?

spring flowers 2Hello ..ok. so .. how are you all doing?  This is a checkin-in type blog with a chance for you to reflect on how not to be in a place of fear but of a place of action.  What actions can you take control of in your life today? Right now?

Right now we are all trying to adapting to changing working and #stayingathome and that raises a lot of barriers and limits but also many opportunities for expanding,   Take some time to consider that for a moment.

One area to focus on is how would you answer these two questions:

  • What have you done this past week to help fortify your body?
  • What can you do in the next 7 days?

This is something that we can control and provides us with and opportunities for expansion. And despite being stuck at home we can take this time for expansion. But first we need not be stressed and also to fortify our bodies to be health during this time of Covid19.

When I asked people in my social media community about how they are fortifying their body and this is how they responded:

  • Focusing on laughter
  • Hiking more and …..stop eating junk food!!
  • Lots of fresh air and doing fun (home-based) activities
  • Eating better and avoiding sugar
  • Sleeping more… even sleeping in
  • Doing hobbies like gardening, sewing, quilting, painting,  crafting, etc
  • Being outside, running and walking
  • Contacting friends and family
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Cooking delicious home cooked meals on the “fancy”  dishes, eating vegetables.
  • Doing meditation yoga, and spiritual practices
  • Using essential oils and personal . hand and feet massages

This are things you can do at home. Are you doing any of these already?  What else could you do?

I have been encouraged by different experts that we should all focus on more self care (which has the added benefit of reducing our stress) whether that includes a walk around the block or yoga or…. (insert your favourite stress relieving activity)

The experts are encouraging all of us to sleep more, eat well, exercise, do grounding breath work,  etc. (and  I suggest limiting media new feeds to only what you need to know .i.e your local area.

Stay well and focus on fortifying yourself at this important time.



Sacred Grove Gatherings: 3 Traditional Mexican Healing Workshops

Helping you to become who you are truly meant to be through experiencing the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom of Mexico for emotional and spiritual healing taught by four amazing and talented teachers.\

  • August 17-20 These two 2-day workshops:  ‘Enriching Yourself – Creating Inner Harmony and Wellness’ will provide you with new mind-body techniques using traditional Mexican healing practices.  You will learn ancient healing practices from Mexico to help you meet your goals of being your best. The workshop leaders,  Rita Navarrete and Margarita Camerena, are coming to Canada to share their traditional Mexican healing knowledge for the first time.  Find out more
  • November 912 Renewing and Recreating with the 4 Sacred Elements. Two 2-Day Workshops. This year, Alma will be giving two 2-day workshops that will provide wonderful opportunities to help us with our own healing through renewal and re-creating ourselves.  Alma will help us to learn unique, enriching teachings about healing tools and techniques.  As a special addition to this year’s workshop Alma will be joined by her husband Xolotl (Jose Luis Chavez Martinez) who will be bringing the profound added feature of traditional Aztec Dance.  Find out more
  • November 15-17 Aztec Calendar: Connecting with the Cosmos and Understanding Your Birth-chart: Using the Cosmic Mexican (Aztec) Calendar in Your Life. For the first time in Canada Xolotl and Alma will explore the Ancient Mexican Calendar (often called the Aztec Calendar) sharing this ancient system of understanding the energies of each year, month, solar week, day and hour. These teachings will help you maximize the potential of your life. Find out more

Attending these workshops is a present of self-love, emotional resilience,  and of becoming your own healer.



Learning about folk healing – curanderismo

IMG_5195 (1)
This July I had the rich and profoundly healing opportunity to attend a two week course called Traditional Healing without Borders:  Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico.  The course provided beautiful opportunities to learn techniques, engage with the land based culture and the lineage of teachers.
In case you want to know more:
What is curanderismo you might be asking? The term has been translated as “folk healing”.  It is what people used and use to do their own healing over the centuries.  It can involve using herbs and other medicinal plants, feathers, candles oils, eggs, and blessings. The people who practice curanderismo are referred to as traditional healers (curandera or curandero). Some traditional healers also use massage techniques and sweat lodges or temezcals as there are called in Mexico.

Curanderismo stresses healing approaches that you can use for yourself and for others.  “I am my own healer” is a core understanding of this tradition.  Through achieving your own healing  you can also contribute to helping to heal people around you, in your communities.  This can be as passive as a gentle unfolding or as active are you would like to make it.

One of the key strengths of Curanderismo is that many different cultures and healing  traditions have contributed to its evolution and what is included.  This folk healing arena begins with traditional indigenous healing practices and knowledge from Mexico (centuries of indigenous knowledge) and has been added to through Spanish healings, influenced by the North African Moor/Arabic and other African approaches,and Jewish ones too. One example is the widespread use of rosemary and basil in healing sessions and teas in Mexico.  These plants came from  Spain and were added to the library of over 2000 plants the Aztecs where already using.

Plants and gardens are one of the key aspects of curanderismo: through their use in teas, creams, in cleansing healing sessions, their scents, their use in sweatlodge healing,  their colours.

Here is a link to the course in case you would like to learn more:

Summer Solstice

butterfly in garden
On June 21, at 11:54 am (in Toronto in the Northern Hemisphere) we will welcome in summer. The moment of the summer solstice is a time when we can absorb the all the goodness of the sun’s energy.  It is important and sustaining to take a moment to feel this energy and imagine this beautiful healing energy coming into the top of your heat and flowing through your body and out your feet.  You may want to even imagine it as if it were steps of beautiful sunlight energy flowing into and around your body. If you have any specific injury in your body invite the solstice sun fire healing energy into that specific place for healing.
Before you begin this practice you may want to take a moment to get grounded connecting your feet to the earth and take a few cleansing breathes ( or do what works best for you… i.e., if you smudge this could be a good time to do it).
When you have completed this practice. Remember to thank the sun for these gifts and all the gifts from Mother Earth that we receive.
At the time of the summer solstice you may want to also take a few moments to reflect about what do you want to have more of in your life (security? love? kindness? health?  abundance? love? money? gratitude? generosity? confidence? etc. ) and invite what you wish for into your life.
And as a final step for embracing this summer energy and  if it feels right to you consider making some offering to a body of water. The offering could be words, prayers, a song a flower, a pebble, anything that is safe to go into the water and that you have put your intention of what you would like to have more of in your life for the next year.
Take moment to note if your receive any “gifts”  in return for this practice.
I am so grateful for these practices that have been shared with me my teachers: Mariabruna, Alma, Alison and Xolotl.

Preparing For the Winter Solstice (for the Festive Season)

In Mexico City, each December hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people preform a pilgrimage to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a sacred location. They  do this for many different reasons but often it is to show their love and devotion the Lady of Guadalupe. I have been taught that this is an ancient custom that has happened for many centuries even before the Spanish arrived in Mexico bringing Christianity with them and that the original pilgrimage was to ask for abundance from Mother Earth. This custom of preforming a pilgrimage for Mother Earth has now been integrated into the devotion to The Lady of Guadalupe.

It is also, my understanding that in ancient times, as people walked along the route, at specific locations they would discard a series of 13 stones – 6 white and 7 black- one by one.  This process was to do a series of letting go of what is not needed for the next year as a part of the preparation for the December Solstice.  I have been taught that the letting go is often about the releasing our fear of death and of change.

The hummingbird is an important symbol that according to the Mexihca  people of Mexico emerges at the moment of the Winter Solstice. In 2015, I was able  to participate in walking the last two kilometers of the pilgrimage. Due to the size of the crowd this took hours. It was not like anything I had experienced before. We were walking very slowly, side by side ,with thousands of people of all ages who were signing and being joyful. No babies were crying or dogs barking. Everyone was calm: 10s of 100s of thousands of people all calmly walking towards the sacred site in the middle of Mexico City, calmly.

Connecting with that transformative experience and as a part of preparing for the Winter Solstice I will be preforming a version of this in my home town as a part of my preparations for the Solstice.   We will be able to connect with the healing energy of this experience.


Learning from Traditional Women Healers of Oaxaca

IMG_5333 (1)When you emerge from a Temazcal (a meso-american-type sweat lodge) after the intensive heat and healing often the first thing you receive is a cup of wonderful refreshing tea, full of restorative herbs, in a pottery cup such as the one in the photo. When I was in Oaxaca, Mexico earlier this month I  bought this cup to remind me of the wonderful learning and  healing experiences that I enjoyed there.

During the first week of April I was lucky to participate in the very special “Discover Traditional Cultures and Healing Arts of Oaxaca” educational tour led by Robert Vetter (NYC)  in partnership with Laurencio Lopez Nunoz (a biologist and a healer aka a curandero from Oaxaca). During the nine day trip we were gifted to be able to learn about traditional healing practices (or curanderismo) from several indigenous women healers.

These women were, in one word,: AMAZING.  They were matter-of-fact women, doing amazing healing works with their knowledge and the plants they had around their villages, supporting their communities as midwifes and leaders of health promotion, and in so many other ways.  These were strong, strong women who learn from Mother Earth and their “grandmothers” and are supported by Mother Earth in their work. Through sharing many aspects of their life stories during our time together it was clear that they had overcome many obstacles to do the work they were doing and that they trusted in their roles, their knowledge and their gifts for their families and communities.

It was a privilege to be able to immerse myself in the insights and knowledge shared by these woman and to learn about:

  • Spiritual healing cleanses of “limpias” from Catlina Jimenez Ramos, a Mixe traditional healer (or curandera). She is also a midwife and leader of temazcals.
  • Many aspects of healing and life wisdom from Queta (Enriqueta Contreras Contreras), a Zapteca healer and midwife. If you want to know more about her there is a book that you can read: The Life of the Midwife-Healer Enriqueta Contreras Contreras by Maria Margarita Navar
  • The politics and environmental enhancements in her village and healing plants from an Afro-Mexican healer and municipal leader, Lucia Mariche Magadano,
  • Insights from healer Teresa Contreras (from Cuernavaca) who led the temezcal from the feminine perspectives.

I am planning on using some of the techniques I learned in my healing sessions. But also I have a sense of optimism from being with these traditional healers.  Knowing that amazing women, such as the ones I met in Oaxaca, exist in the world and that they are using and sharing their knowledge, gives me such hope that this world will find answers to address the key issues that we need to deal with.

And so, when I hold my new pottery cup with the healing purple flower painted on it and drink the fragrant tea from it I will remember all the gifts that the cup represents: the dedicated indigenous, healing teachers and practitioners, their knowledge gained from life, from their grandmothers and from the land, and their healing plants and the profound hope that they each bring into the world by being enriching examples of how to live in deep connection with Mother Earth.