Please see below for rates and payment options.  For holistic healing sessions, training, and mentoring sessions, please contact me or connect directly to the online booking site with details about each service.

Workshop: Sacred Grove Workshops are being planned for September 2020:  – we are hopeful and planning for this possibility –


Service: Aztec Calendar Birthchart Building and Reading

  • Cost: $130 (cdn)

Services: Healing sessions

    • Introduction to Holistic Energy Healing Sessions
    • Investment varies depending on the type of session and if you are a senior or student.
    • Introduction to Holistic Energy Healing Session 30 minutes investment free
    • Holistic Energy Healing Session. 60 minutes investment  $75
    • Holistic Energy Healing Session – Student/Senior 60 minutes investment $60
    • Intuitive Life 1-1 Training/Coaching Sessions 60 minutes investment $75
    • Reiki Healing Session 60 minutes investment $75
    • Therapeutic Touch 40 minutes investment $45
    • Aztec Calendar Birthchart (Tonalamatl) Readings 60 minutes session investment $130 (2 hours of preparation)