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Nematona Connections – links you to energy healing: treatments, knowledge and practices for you and Mother Earth

Nematona is the name of the Celtic goddess of the Sacred Grove – a sacred grove can be a real space in and among trees, flowers, rocks, grasses, where you will experience a sense of calm, of harmony, of beauty and of healing.  A sacred grove could also be a spiritual, energetic  place – a place that you create or find:  to assist in calming, to create harmony and beauty, and to have a sacred space for healing. A sacred grove can consist of all elements: water, wind, earth and fire and be connected to Mother Earth and the cosmos.  It is from these sourced energies of Nematona and the elements that I create my energetic and spiritual healing practice.

For the past 10 years I have been studying and training and doing my own healing so that now, in 2015, I am able to launch a healing practice to share my skills, abilities and knowledge with others who are interested in supporting  their own healing and learning how to do different forms of energetic healing.

With deep gratitude for all of my teachers, healers, and others who have guided me along this path.



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