Enriching Yourself: Creating Inner Harmony & Wellness Workshop



Are you looking for ways to help you feel your best? To have more vitality and inner peace?  If so, these workshops are for you.

These two 2-day workshops:  ‘Enriching Yourself – Creating Inner Harmony and Wellness’ will provide you with new mind-body techniques using traditional Mexican healing practices.  You will learn ancient healing practices from Mexico to help you meet your goals of being your best.

The workshop leaders,  Rita Navarrete and Margarita Camerena, are coming to Canada to share their traditional Mexican healing knowledge for the first time. Rita is an international leader in traditional healing  who has taught in Mexico, USA and Africa.   Margarita Camarena, a licensed Massage and Craniosacral Therapist, enriches her practices and teachings with traditional healing therapies.  These wonderful and talented women will share many vitality enriching techniques with us to create harmony using ancient practices that connect self care, enriching foods and plants, and the traditional healing fundamentals of the the five elements (wind, fire, earth, water and movement) while using all of the \ seven directions.  Like yoga from India, these renewing, established techniques emerge from the ancient healing practices of Mexico, that have been used for healing for 1000’s of years.

Here are more details about the workshops and the workshop leaders:

Workshop Details: 

Aug. 17-18 Workshop 1: Creating Harmony Through Food and Plants 

Day 1: Food as Medicine: enriching and recharging your body using plants (juice therapy, tinctures and sprays)
Day 2: Flourishing with Roses: healing what is needed and releasing what is not

Aug 19-20 Workshop 2: Harmonizing Your Body 

Day 3: Wrapping Up – Relaxing and rebounding to heal through body treatments, laughing and more

Day 4: Cleansing Spaces: Harmonizing your home and personal space.

 In the second workshop we will connect deeper into this harmony by exploring techniques that you can use for renewal and enhancing vitality.The body wrapping technique uses “Manteadas” which are the mesoamerican swaddle therapy to release emotions, and give back comfort and Peace.

Attending these workshops is a present of self-love, emotional resilience. You will be enriching your own potential for self healing and those around you as well.

Registration Details: 

To register contact Elin Gwyn via email: Elin.gwyn@gmail.com

Registration   $250 per workshop or $450 for all four days.

Please note: Payment  by e-transfer, credit card, cash or cheque.

Workshop Leaders:

Rita Navarrete is a traditional Mexican healer and an international leader in indigenous communities and educational institutions. Her passion is sharing her love and wisdom of  indigenous ways of healing and acting as an agent to help communities in different parts of the world in need of traditional medicine and reconnection to their ancestral healing heritage.TPT_4304

Rita has a plethora of gifts and she is going to gift us by teaching us how to work our emotional and spiritual imbalances and how these manifest into our mental and physical aspects of our body.   For the past 18 year Rita has taught at the two week Curanderismo course offered at the University of New Mexico (http://curanderismo.unm.edu/ ) for the past 18 years.

Margarita Camarena, CMT RMT, is a student of Rita’s as well as being a certified and licensed Massage and Craniosacral Therapist actively practicing Integrative Bodywork and Traditional Healing Arts since 2009. She is an active Reiki Master teaching and holding classes. As a massage and bodywork instructor, she is part of the San Francisco School of Massage and 13725061_1176114792452627_4369675582554177257_o-e1552694781828.jpgBodywork’s therapist program. Among other practices Margarita is also known for adding the healing aid of flower essences, medicinal astrology and art into her healing practice.  Margarita will provide the translation as she does for many of Rita’s workshops.

Workshop Location:  St Brigid’s Villa, tucked away on the beautiful healing grounds of Ignatius Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 1 hour west of Toronto Pearson Airport and 2 hours north of Buffalo, New York.

” Rita has been my teacher in Curanderismo/Traditional Healing of the South for 9 years. She is very holistic, working with healing the emotions, mind, body and spirit through her creativity and her kind, loving nature. She works with groups in a dynamic and effective way, leading us to learn to do our healing work together. She has nurtured and guided me through transitions and personal healings, and I will be there to support her in any way I can. Come join us in Canada for an amazing time of healing in community. You’ll be glad you did”    Selma, Mn, USA

“Rita is the personification of Compassion, Love, and Truth. These are gifts that can only be acquired through life experiences, and watching the different cycles of life come and go each with its own gifts and challenges. Rita has created an unlimited healing toolkit for every single living thing that comes to her for healing being human or a plant or an amimal. Through her direct connection to the elements and guidance of the sacred directions, she knows how best to help others with what they have in hand, physical, emotionally or spiritually. Through her healing, she leaves behind a seed of wisdom that sprouts in each of the people who receive their healing. This seed is nothing less but the cell memory of who we are at the depth of our core, that animated force we call life”  Margarita, San Francisco, California