Learning about my Aztec calendar and choosing my Aztec name has been hugely beneficial to me. It has helped me understand parts of my nature and my soul purpose in a new and powerful way. There was a huge shift that happened as soon as I chose my name. It is comforting to be able to invoke energies particular to me to help me along my way. Elin did a great job of putting together and explaining my calendar to me. I’m still learning about the calendar, since it is very complex, but the more I learn, the more excited I am to learn more.

I love learning about the ancient Mexican healing practices because they are so deeply connected to the earth and the elements. I’ve always felt connected to the earth and to nature, but ever since I started learning about this type of healing, I’ve felt an even deeper sense of belonging to nature and the universe at large. I feel very blessed to have met Elin and to be learning from her, and for all of the wonderful workshops she facilitates and the healers she brings to teach us.


When I fell and dislocated my wrist, I saw Elin to help with the healing and pain management.  I received 6 Holistic Energy Healing Sessions and really appreciated how they helped to ease the pain.  I also received individual coaching from Elin on Lucid Dreaming.  Nematona Healing Connections is a wonderful place for anyone seeking complimentary medicine. Elin is not only good at what she does, she is also kind and compassionate. This is such a safe place to come, to be listened to and have your health concerns dealt with in a professional and caring manner. I would highly recommend Elin to anyone who wants care that is proven to give results. Elin is an outstanding practitioner who is in this field because she cares and has outstanding knowledge and understanding in her field.

-KM, independent facilitator and trainer

I was new to energy healing when I learned about Elin’s work. Equally skeptical and curious I took the plunge and booked an appointment to address a number of health challenges I was facing. I couldn’t have asked for a more passionate, caring and talented practitioner to walk me through this new world of possibilities. As a newcomer she offered the patience, empathy, compassion and talent I needed to feel comfortable in a practice that was new to me. After several customized treatments featuring a number of different energy healing methods, I have already observed some substantial changes in my health and well-being. For those curious to try, I highly recommend Elin as the person to act as your guide.


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