My Services

1/ Creating spaces for personal transformation.

In my holistic energy healing sessions I incorporate intuition and spiritual techniques, connection with the elements, ancient healing practices all as tools towards understanding my clients’ challenges, talents, obstacles and pathways towards healing and their full flourishing. This includes:

  • Healing Work with traditional approaches: Reiki, Therapeutic Touch ®, Crystals 
  • Collaborative Healing
  • Traditional Calendar Work
  • Life Coaching & Training
  • Curanderismo 
  • Intuitive card facilitation
  • Meso-American healing practices including using nature, lucid dreaming and more
  • Reiki, Master & Level 3
  • Shamanic techniques,
  • Channeling/reading
  • Dream planting and dream work
  • Teas, medicinal drinks, chocolate
  • Goddess energy and the Divine Feminine

2/ Creating platforms for other veritable healers to share their teachings.

As a healer, as well as a settler living on Turtle Island, I feel it is my joyful responsibility to create platforms for other healers and Indigenous knowledge holders to share their teachings and practices. I organise gatherings of learners with teachers from local communities as well as our global community of healers. These have focused in recent years on teachings from Mexica, Nahuatl, Mayan and Aztec lineages, including Temazcal sweatlodge ceremonies, which are now led locally by Nahuat knowledge holder, Max Damien Carrillo  (currently on hold).

3/ Building communities of healing through workshops, trainings and shared practice.

As well as bringing ancient and adapted traditional teachings to light, I create and guide spaces for individuals on their healing paths to come together, both in formal and informal contexts. This is where people have a chance to share reflections, experiences, hardships, insights, humour and visions for the months and years ahead. These have included:

  • Dreamwork 
  • Ceremony of 13 Deaths/Constant Change
  • Wellbeing through healing the 9 Underworlds ( Subconsciousness)
  • Aztec Calendar analysis sessions
  • and others as they are created

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