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Holistic Energy Healing Session   In her holistic energy healing sessions Elin uses intuition techniques, elements of reiki and therapeutic touch, Ancient Mexican healing practices (including obsidian tools) , shamanic techniques, and Meso-American crystal healing to respond to the energy healing requirements of her client during that session. Sessions last for 1 hour.

Reiki  Reiki is a technique used to reduce stress and encourage relaxation for healing.   This is an ancient Japanese healing practice that helps the bodies subtle  energy system (the chakras) become unblocked to support wellness. With the intention of healing and using hands ( close to or on the body) energy  flows to where the body needs it to go. Sessions last for 1 hour.

Therapeutic Touch Treatment Session Would you like to receive a Therapeutic Touch session? Therapeutic Touch sessions have the goal of restoring balance, order, and harmony  to the flow of energy through a client’s energy field. The sessions take 40 minutes.  Clients, for examples, have found these treatments helpful as a part of their concussion treatment process, for reducing anxiety and feeling calmer, and for helping to heal after surgery.

Coaching Intuitive Life Coaching Session  Elin is a  facilitator and trainer, and, in addition to many common methods, she uses holistic energy healing techniques (including lucid dreaming), insights from the Aztec Calendar and intuitive card making processes in a series of 1 hour sessions to assist her clients clarify their current situation, explore possibles next steps and support themselves to work towards achieving their goals.

Discovering  Cosmic Identity and Responsibility using- Your Aztec Calendar Birth Chart – Your Tonalamatl The Ancient Mexicans had a great understanding of the movement of the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars and they used this knowledge to create the Aztec Calendar.  By knowing your birthday, time and location of birth and using the Aztec Calendar you can discover many insights about yourself which can help understand some of your past and can be used to help shape your future. Knowing your Tonalamatl  (birthchart) provides you with insights. This can be used as a part of the Holistic Life Coaching sessions. With this you will know your cosmic identity and responsibility.  Elin has received training on making Aztec Calendars from lineage wisdom keepers from Mexico.  Service includes preparation of your birthchart (2 hrs) plus a 1 hour session.

Aztec Calendar Stone
Aztec Calendar SunStone, Mexico City


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Intuitive Card Making Workshop – Connecting into Your Inner Wisdom  SoulCollage(R) is a creative activity that provides you with insights about yourself. It is healing too. In this workshop, you will use your intuition and imagination  to make cards. The workshop will involve using an intuitive collage process. You may also find that creating this cards helps to releasing aspects of yourself that are not beneficial or provides you with new insights.  Artistic skills are not a requirement. Just come and enjoy.  The process involves connecting with images, selecting powerful images and through using scissors, glue and paper you create SoulCollage(R) cards. What emerges through this gentle process will enrich and deepen your understanding of yourself. For background information see the SoulCollage(R) website

img_3918-1There are introduction workshop and additional topics ones. For example the Exploring the Four Suits in SoulCollage(R) Workshop Series is for people who have already started creating intuitive, personal cards (or would like to do more)  and would like to look deeper into this process and learn more about the different SoulCollage(R) “suits”. There are four different suits in SoulCollage®: Committee, Community, Companion and Council, which represent different aspects of yourself.

Elin Gwyn has been a trained SoulCollage® facilitator since 2012.


Crystals for Healing in Everyday Living Workshop:  During this 2 hour workshop you will learn about the main types of crystals and how to use them for your own  healing and balancing.  This session will provide you with opportunities  to connect with the crystals to experience their wonderful transformational power. These insights are based on the teachings, crystal healing techniques and wisdom of Mesoamerican healer Alma Santiago Martinez.   Alma is a lineage keeper of the ancient Nahuatl tradition from Mexico who was trained in these ancient healing ways by her grandmother.  img_3813-5

Crystals for Healing  Yourself and Others Workshop  Are you a energy practitioner/healer? Would you like to know more about using crystals for healing and balancing energies in your life taught from the ancient Mexican lineage? Elin will provide you with the knowledge that you need to do healing using the wise old spirits of the crystals in the ways of the ancient healers of Mexico.  In this 3.5  hour workshop you will explore the main type of crystal and each of their uses for healing and balancing.  Elin will be sharing the crystal wisdom taught by  Alma Santiago Martinez, a Mesoamerican healer who lives in Mexico City.  Alma uses healing practices that include the four elements, crystals, obsidian tools and the knowledge of the grandmothers. Alma is a lineage keeper of the ancient Nahuatl tradition from Mexico who was trained in these ancient healing ways by her grandmother.

Lucid Dreaming Workshops  About one third of your life is spent asleep and this time period offers you a great opportunity for personal healing and changing many aspects of your life.  Are you someone who remembers you dreams? Many people aren’t but you can learn to. Is often lucid during your dreams?  Or do you think you don’t dream at all?  Science has shown that we all of us dream even if we can’t remember. And with training and knowledge you can start to work with your dreams for your betterment in many different aspects of your life.  According to traditional Mexican wisdom who you are while dreaming (your nahual) and your daytime self need to work together so that you can be fully who you are meant to be. Elin offer a series workshops from Introduction to Lucid Dreaming to advanced dreaming practices based in the meso-american (Aztec, Mexihca, and Toltec traditions).

Healing with the Elements– Water and Wind – Details coming soon.

Healing Using Obsidian Tools – June 7-8, 2019 Traditional peoples of Mexico use healing tools made out of obsidian to preform healings.  These tools include obsidian shaped into discs (mirrors), eggs, spheres, etc.  Having practiced many of these techniques for her own healing and in healing sessions that she has provided Elin has found using obsidian tools to be very effective.  Elin runs training sessions to teach others about how to use the tools.  Energy healer practitioners would  find these workshops helpful in providing other tools for their healing practices.

Healing Using 8 Bands of Power – Details coming soon

Introduction to the Cosmology of the Mexihca People.  To help understand the basis for some of the healing traditions of the traditional people of Mexico it is helpful to have some know about their cosmology.  In this training workshop, Elin will share her understanding of the traditional Mexicha people’s cosmology as it has been shared with her by her teachers.  Elin is committed to bringing her teachers Mexico to Ontario to share this knowledge directly but when this is not possible Elin will provide an introduction.

Please Note: Just a reminder that holistic energy healing is a supportive health method.  It does not replace other medical care that you may be receiving from a qualified medical professional.

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